Premium HGP – Cancer Prevention & Detox Holiday



  1. GenoPAC Cancer & Disease risk test & analysis (26 types in Male and 27 types in Women),
  2. General health test and survey,
  3. Health consulting program with doctors from Thailand,
    • Genetic counseling,
    • Psychological counseling,
    • Healthcare solutions counseling,
    • Dietary and nutraceuticals counseling.
  4. A 3-Day Health Wellness and Detox Holiday.

The first step towards Cancer & Disease  prevention.

Please begin with “Special or Premium HGP Package” in Human Genome Program.

iCareBasewill take one step forward to personal and tailored medicine, by identifying the risk of developing various cancers and diseases

Why Human Genome Program?

Do you wish to understand? Your genes!!!  Knowledge will make difference…

Genome Bioinformatics “Human Genome Program” – The age of preventive medicine.

Now is the time to analyze the genes of individuals and make health management in advance.  In order to maintain a high level of health, you need to identify important health-related  factors and consider how those factors will affect an individual’s physical, emotional, and  social health functioning.

The “Human Genome Program” analyzes the individual genes involved in cancer and disease and presents comprehensive solutions for your health and a active life.

Who needs Human Genome Program?

Individual with family history

In case family members are concerned about the high incidence of cancer or heredity disease  you can be tested together, checked for risks and managed early.

Individual seeks for health checkup

A health checkup conducted at a hospital is a test to diagnose current problems on the blood by collecting  blood. GenoPAC testing analyzes the unchanging genes from birth to predict cancers or diseases that are genetically at risk, even if there are no current problems. Therefore, it is another form of health  checkup in the sense that it confirms the genetic health that was born and not the present condition.

Anyone interested in health care

If you are concerned about your health and wish to effectively manage your lifestyle,  you can use your personalized genetic tests to focus more on the areas of risk.

What is GenoPAC Cancer & Disease?

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